48 Hour film festival 2021
Team Pinky & The Brain
Hey everyone, thanks for joining the team! Here's some of the key info for the weekend.
Its very simple; filmmakers have just one weekend to make a short film.
Filmmakers don't know what genre (thriller/romance etc.) they will be shooting until the start of the competition. All creativity: writing, shooting, editing and adding a musical soundtrack, must occur within the 48Hour window beginning Friday evening at 7 pm and ending Sunday at 7 pm. To add to the mayhem, they must also include some random elements.
In previous years, these elements have included lines of dialogue, props, characters and special camera moves. This year - who knows? A few days later, the completed films are all screened in heats to an eager audience. The best films are selected by judges to compete in the city finals. Then the judges select the best of the best and along with Peter Jackson's Wildcards, compete in a massive Grand Final offering fabulous prizes and glory.
You can find out all about the 2021 competition here.​​​​​​​
Due to the level three lockdown, the shoot weekend is now March 12th - 14th​​​
We're given our genre and other information at 7pm on the Friday night. I'll be heading down to the launch location, Hollywood Cinema from 6pm. Please let me know if you would like to come.
Feel free to skip that part and meet at the studio at 7:30pm, pizza and brainstorming time!
Our team will be based out of my photo studio in Takapuna,  please check the contact me page on this website to find the address and a link to google maps. There should be plenty of parking available all weekend.
Team captain / Cinematographer: Dan
Director: Gabriel
Writing: Caitlin
Make-up: Reshmi
Actors: Gabriel, Zane
Right hand man / Stunt double: Andrew
Please touch base with me if you know any video editors or actors!
Does it cost anything?
I've covered the registration fee but if you have a great time and want to contribute to the cause, I would really appreciate it! 
You can make a donation to my paypal - dan@dtphotography.co.nz
More info:
The creators of the competition put together an advice page which is a great place to start.
If you have any questions about your role, or anything at all, please feel free to email or call me. You can find all my contact info on this website's contact me page.
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